To score top marks in IELTS Exam,the only thing that is required is‘Practice’! The more you practice, the more you become perfect.

It may be not possible to find a native English speaker to whom you can speak with and practice and probably you may get bored of studying in the same way all the time.So, in this article,there are some interesting websites with differentexercises through which you can prepare yourself for IELTS exam.

Thefive best resources to prepare for your exam are:

  1. IELTS Buddy:

IELTS Buddy is very informative and excellent website for IELTS students. It has a lotof advices, free grammar lessons, sample essays and exemplary questions to make you understand what is expected in the exam and to revise in an efficient way.

  1. The British Council:

The British Council website contains a lot of material for  students to learn English. There are online games which may help you in learning new vocabulary and grammar in fun ways. And there are videos from previous IELTS applicants and  students who had scored top marks to let you know more about the pattern and marks scheme.

  1. ENG VID:

This website provides many videos to help you in learning English Grammar. It’s an excellent resource. It is used for getting new sounds and enhances your punctuation as well. There are lots of free videos to improve your accent and pronunciation  skills.

  1. IELTS For Free

This website has huge number of past papers and samples of the exam. This website also helps you to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

  1. IELTS Liz:

This YouTube channel is run by very experienced English teacher Liz. Who creates lots of videos for IELTS students. Liz covers some areas which you have never thought about such as how to greet withan examiner in your speaking test.

  1. IELTS-Simon:

This website is run by the IELTS examiner and provides a number of free resources. It’s very clear and detailed website where you can find each and every thing required to be learnt for your preparation.

I hope this article would help you to prepare for your IELTS Exam!

Good luck!


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Farzana Bashir

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