Studying Abroad can be a very challenging experience. Before making up your mind and looking for options to study abroad, one should have a serious talk with his/her parents, whether they can bear such expenses or not. Here is a small guide to let you know how much does it cost to go for such option.

Tuition And Books:

Expect the budget to be about $120,000 to $180,000 per year for your tuition fee.It depends on which country you’re going to and what program you are applying for.

Generally, you have to pay the fee in two to three installments for the whole academic year.  But it does not include course material like books, lab assessments and etc.

Rent, meals and other personal expenses:

There are many types of student accommodation, from university-run hostel to private flats or houses you can rent with few other students. Generally the electricity, water and internet fee is comprised in the price. The estimation will reach around $7,000 per month.

Groceries will cost almost $2,500 per month (if you cook at home daily), with an occasional meal out would likely cost $150 each, so expense would be about $3,000 in total for food each month.


The cost for transport vary according to how much far you live from your university. In most of countries you can buy a student bus pass or you can call Uber or taxi to go anywhere.So estimate around $500 for travel expenses per month.

Other Expenses

Many students come back to their home in vacations, so keep in mind this expense also while planning for studying abroad.

Is it possible to have apart time job whileyou’restudying?

Many countries do not allow working while studying on a student visa. But some countries allow for the work. It depends on which country you go. So, be sure to go through the rules of that country and  particular University or campus in which you are going to study.

I hopethis article would help you to have all the necessary information regarding study abroad and the Budgeting.


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Farzana Bashir

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