Imagine you’ve been studying very hard for your exam, but when you enter in theexam hall your mind goes blank. You feel like you can’t even appear in Exam. So many people feel anxious when they enter into exam room or even go on depression before exams. Why does it happen? And how to do with it?

What Is Exam Anxiety?

Exam Anxiety is the fear of Exam. Inability to concentrate, fast heartbeat, headache, insomnia etc are some of the symptoms of anxiety. There are two types of anxiety.

  1. Low Anxiety:

Students who suffer with low anxiety may feel little nervous about their exam but they can focus on their studies or questions asked in the exam.

  1. High Anxiety:

Students who suffer with high anxiety, express immediate action when expose to any exam situation. It may seem like people feel panic before an exam or during the exam.

Overcoming Exam Anxiety

So, here are some strategies which will help you to overcome this severe issue.

  • Avoid The Perfectionist Trap:

Hard work matters, perfection does not. We all make mistakes and it’s natural. Don’t expect to be perfect.

  • BanThe Negative Thoughts:

If your thoughts are like “I can’t do this”, “I can’t do anything”, “I am not good enough”…Take away all these thoughts by positive thinking such as “I can do”, “I know the material”.

  • Get Enough Sleep:

Having a good and proper sleep will help you to focus and concentrate on your studies.

  • Make Sure You’re Prepared:

Be prepared for the paper early. Not a night before exam. Take help from your teachers, parents and friends.

  • Take Deep Breathe:

Take a deep breathe if you feel anxious during exam. Solve questions one by one.

We all go through such phase in our life but Hopefully these tips and strategies will help you to manage your anxiety problem and will help you to focus or concentrate on your studies and achieve good grades.


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Farzana Bashir

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