“Your ability to communicate is an important tool in the pursuit of your goals, whether it is with your family, your co-workers or your clients and customers.”

– Les Brown.

The word communication is derived from the Latin word “Communicare” which means “to share”. Communication is basically exchange of messages between two persons. There are various types of communication Verbal and non-Verbal. Oral (Using words), Written(using printing like books, magazines websites , or e-mails), Visual (Using Logos, charts, graphs). The second one is Non Verbal (using body language, gestures, and tones). The ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, superiors, and your staff members is essential no matter in which industry you work in. Good communication skills will get you hired, and lead you towards promotion and success in your career.

One should adopt following steps to become a good communicator and follow these steps to climb up the ladder of personal and professional success.

Listening Skills

Listening ability is very important to become a good communicator. When you hear the other person, it shows that you give value to their ideas and thoughts. A good listener will always pause for the audience’s response. Repeat it and ask questions to come to know about the involvement of audience in the ongoing conversation.

Written Skills

It is another essential step in becoming good communicator. In today’s world most of the business is dependent on email communication, presentations and social media marketing.  So it has become more important that you should know how to do communication using writing skills. Write in very effective way, use right words, and avoid unnecessary or very long emails as it can ruin your reputation in front of potential customer.

Verbal Skills

This skill is about how you choose your words to share your thoughts and information with other people. It include both spoken and written communication.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

It is another best tool not only to lead a business communication but also helps out to enhance personal ideology, observation and the way we perceive things. It is used in building strong bonds with our customers and within organization as well.

Presentation Skills

While being on job, one would have to hold meetings and give presentations on daily basis.  A good presenter uses facts, codes, and references, stories to make their presentation more impactful and interesting. The step helps us to meet our goals in our life.

Not every one of us is born with enhanced communication skills. We need to practice it in our life to become master in it. It is very important in today’s world to become effective communicator as many organizations write in their job description that employee should have good communication skills. It is the most basic and important step towards a better professional life. I would like to sum up my idea with a very famous saying of experts that:

“Communication is considered as foundation of every relationship, life blood for any organization”

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Farzana Bashir

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