Talking in front of number of people is difficult but not impossible. Nowadays, many working men/women have to give a presentation at their jobs. Some people feel anxious or nervous whenever they have to go and speak  in front of number of people. There are some tips that will help you in giving best presentations. If your presentation is not up to the mark then no one will take interest in your speaking and no one would understand your idea and point of view as well.

  1. Use Body Language:

Use your body gestures and motions while presenting your ideas verbally. Feel like that you are talking with your friend soit all becomes natural.You will not be afraid then.

  1. Be Firm:

Talk with a strong voice and keep in mind that your face expressions should co-ordinatewith what you’re saying.

  1. Avoid Reading From Notes:

Make sure you have a good grasp on what you are going to say. Don’t take too many notes with you, write main points.

  1. Grab Audience Attention:

Keep your audience attentive. It should not look like as if you are giving a presentation and the audience is not with you. So, to become a good presenter ask some questions from the audience related to your topic to engage them and to grab their attention.

  1. Use Humor:

Humorous anecdotes should be sprinkled throughout your oral presentation. It will keep your audience awake and will shift their focus towards you again and again.

  1. Know When To Stop Talking:

A good speaker should know when to stop and when to accelerate. Pauses play an important role in any presentation as the more pauses you will take, the more chances you are giving to your audience to scrutinize your content in every aspect.

And the most important thing is to keep in mind during your presentation or may be at the end give the audience an opportunity of asking questions. Don’t feel hesitate while answering just keep calm.

Hopefully this article would help you to give your best presentation next time.

Good Luck!


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Farzana Bashir

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