It is so mesmerizing that once you read a book, you never forget what you read. Although it is impossible for anyone to remember what is the actual context of the book but the idea and story line stays in our heart and mind forever. So, to enhance your memory you can follow some steps that will enhance your memorization skill. Let’s take an example, there are some people who face difficulty in remembering contact numbers. Why this it is so? It is due to the fact that numbers are not connected with something memorable in their life so, if you want to remember your number try to connect your number with some memorable things or phrases that you will never forget in your life.

In school days when we used to attend professor’s gives lecture, it used to be difficult for students to remember it. So the best thing you could do is that you can make notes. Notes will help you in future like when you will prepare for exam so you can take out your notes. These will be easy for you and you can take good grades.

Here are some tips for making notes:

  • Use colored pen or pencil to mark important lines so that it will look better and attractive!
  • Be creative for example underline the important headings. Use some fun shapes like stars for highlighting things!
  • Read your notes on weekly or monthly basis. There are some students who just take out their notes one day before exam and that’s where they mess up. It is not a good idea. If you want to get good grades, so try to note your lecture in a way that would be convenient for you in future to read and understand.

I hope my idea of would be helpful for everyone out there!

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Farzana Bashir

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