Online Education And Current Corona Situation

Online learning has become more usual than ever. Mostly because of the extreme comfort level or to cope up with work hours or to study from various places at a time. But now due to the coronavirus pandemic, as it has become necessary for everyone to stay home and to work from home, Online Education culture has grown more and more.

Now, as it is permissible by the Government to work from home and announcements have been made several times related to school, college and University level that studies are going to be continued via online classes, the online learning culture has become an important part of our daily lives now.

What makes online learning so interesting?

Following are the few aspects that make online learning very interesting and attractive.

  • Technology has changed everything.

Learning through videos, voice recognition, automatic corrections and Live Exams are  few examples of the success of online learning. These are the ingredients that make online education very interesting.

  • Ease of monitoring:

This is one of the blessings of online learning wherethe teacher has all the control and power over students. Class discipline can be maintained properly. Another thing is that in online classes, everything is recorded either on video or input down form. So it becomes convenient for students to take note,s even when they are not able to.

  • The democratization of education.

One of the supremacy of online learning is that it is relatively low cost and offer those people who can’t afford to go to physical school now have access to quality education.

The current fight against corona virus is something that actually told us the importance of Online Education. It is surely one of the blessings of Covid -19 that promoted Online Education culture.

Learning can never be stopped!


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Farzana Bashir

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