Oracle GoldenGate – Classic Capture Limitations and Integrated Capture Benefits

Classic Capture has some limitations, which preclude its usage for certain data types such as:

Index organized Table (IOT) with a mapping table
Direct load inserts to IOT tables (cannot be sorted)
XML stored as object-relational or XML Type tables
LONG VARCHAR and invisible columns

The most severe limitations, however, are the ones that affect compression. Classic Capture does not support Basic Compression, OLTP Compression and Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression

In addition, Classic Capture does not support parallel DML on RAC databases.

The new capture system that is introduced with Oracle GoldenGate release 11.2 is called “Integrated” because it operates seamlessly with other RDBMS facilities (such as Logminer), and is able to understand internal formats such as the Logical Change Record (LCR), which is also used by Streams.

Because the Redo log files are accessed through the logmining server, Integrated Capture can switch automatically between different copies of archive logs or different mirrored versions of the online logs.

Integrated Capture removes most of the limitations of Classic Capture such as:

Basic Compression (in addition to OLTP compression) is supported.
Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression is supported.
IOTs are supported without limitations.
XML stored as binary is captured from redo, whereas XML stored as object-relational is supported and captured from redo.
Parallel DML on RAC databases is now supported.
Integrated Capture improves table filtering efficiency.
Point-in-time recovery and RAC integration are also handled more efficiently.

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