Oracle GoldenGate – DDL Data Definition Language Replication

DDL – Data Definition Language Replication

By default, DDL (Data Definition Language) replication is disabled on the source database (Extract side) but is enabled on the target Database (Replicat side).

To enable and manage DDL replication, use the DDL parameter specified in the Extract parameter file.
DDL can be used in conjunction with filter options.
DDL Include All: It will transmit all DDL operations to the Replicat.
DDL Include All, Exclude ObjName schemaname.* : It will exclude from replication all objects created in the schema.
Only one DDL parameter can be used in a parameter file. You can, however, combine multiple inclusion and exclusion options to filter the DDL to the required level. When combined, multiple filter option specifications are linked logically as AND statements.

The ‘All’ keyword in ‘DDL Include ALL’ refers to the scope of the DDL and means ‘Mapped’, ‘Unmapped’ and ‘Other’.

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