Oracle GoldenGate – Extract & Data Pump Overview and Basic Configuration

Extract Overview

A primary Extract can be configured to:

  • Capture changed data from database logs or archive logs
  • Capture changed data from JMS (Requires Java Adapter)
  • Capture data directly from source tables for initial data load
  • Send the data to be written to a local or remote trail or file

A secondary Extract, called a data pump, can be configured to distribute data from local trails to remote systems (classic architecture only).

CA: Data Pump Overview

  • An Extract data pump can write to one or multiple remote trails and/or servers.
  • A data pump Read the local trail, Manipulates the data or passes it through without change and Sends the data to one or more targets.

A data pump is useful:

  • As a safeguard against network and target failures
  • To break complex data filtering and transformation into phases
  • To consolidate data from many sources
  • To synchronize one source with multiple target

Configuring Extract: Basic Steps

On the source system:

  • Create a parameter file for the primary Extract. (edit params).
  • Add the primary Extract (add extract). This Extract reads from the transaction logs located on the source.
  • Add a local trail (add exttrail) – MA or CA – or a remote trail (add rmttrail) – CA only.
  • Register the primary Extract (Oracle only; required if it is an integrated Extract).
  • Start the Extract process. (start extract)
  • Configure a Path (MA only and optional) or a pump Extract (CA only and optional)

CA : Data Pump Configuration for Oracle

GGSCI > Edit Params capump
Extract capump
RmtHost <target>, MgrPort <port>
RmtTrail ./dirdat/rt
Table db.sales.inventory;
Table db.sales.orders;

GGSCI > Add Extract capump, ExtTrailSource ./dirdat/lt
GGSCI > Add RmtTrail ./dirdat/rt, Extract capump
GGSCI > Start Extract capump
GGSCI > Info Extract capump

Notice that no UserID login is needed in Passthru mode. Starting with GoldenGate 12.3.0, AUTO_PASSTHRU mode is introduced and the PassThru and NoPassThru parameters are deprecated.

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