Oracle GoldenGate – MA Receiver Server Overview and Functionality

MA Receiver Server Overview

  • A Receiver Server is the central control service that handles all incoming trail files.
  • It interoperates with the Distribution Server. It receives the trail files sent over the network by the Distribution Server.
  • It provides compatibility with the Classic Architecture pump Extract for remote classic deployments.
  • A Receiver Server replaces multiple discrete target-side collectors with a single instance service. In Classic Architecture, if you have two Pump Extracts then you typically have two Collectors.

Receiver Server Functionality

You connect to a Receiver Server when you must:
* Monitor data Path events
* Query the status for incoming Paths
* View the statistics of incoming Paths
* Diagnose and troubleshoot Path issues

  • The Extract process store the captured data in trail files.
  • The Distribution Server accesses the trail files for a defined Path and ships the trail files over the network to the Receiver Server for a defined Path.
  • The Receiver Server saves to disk the trail files that it receives from the Distribution Server.
  • The Replicate process reads the trail files that are made available by the Receiver Server.
  • The Replicate process applies all committed changes to the target database.
  • WebSocket is the default HTTPS initiated full-duplex streaming protocol used by the Receiver Server.
  • The Receiver Server seamlessly traverses through HTTP forward and reverse proxy servers.

Additionally, the Receiver Server supports the following protocols:

  • UDT-UDP-based protocol for wide area networks.
  • Classic Oracle GoldenGate Protocol (ogg), for CA deployments so that the Distribution Server (MA) communicates with the Collector (CA) and the Data Pump (CA) communicates with the Receiver Server (MA).

The Receiver Server offers Web GUI application that can be accesses using your browser.
The Receiver Server can be managed either using Web GUI or using adminclient command line interface.
Target Initiated distribution Paths can be configured in the adminclient using RECVPATH commands, including adding, starting, and stopping the Path. For example to add Receive Server OGG> add recvpath abx source wss:/ target trail://

  • A Receiver Server can pull trail files from a Distribution Server.
  • Designed for situations where the source Distribution Server cannot initiate communication with the target where the Receiver Server is running.
  • Restricted to WS and WSS Protocols for increased security. Eliminates TCP/IP and ogg protocols.
  • Configure and administer a Path via the Receiver Server.
  • On DMZ, open only a single port for WSS streaming.


  • WebSocket is a computer communications protocol, providing full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection.
  • WebSocket Secure (WSS) is the encrypted version of WebSocket.



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