Why is it needed to learn or understand English?

Being one of the most active online portals for standardized graduate courses and short IT related courses, we have been encountered with such question several times. Students come up with weird queries that make us laugh sometimes. Their basic concern is , Will they be able to listen, speak, write or read English after the completion of the course? What if other students make fun of their grammatical mistakes and accent?

Well, the very first thing we do in return, we ask them a series of questions and let them know the worth of English globally. We ask them why do they want to get enrolled for English Language program? Do they have to travel abroad? Are they facing any difficulty in studying? Because most of the time academics all over the world is dealt in English, most of the books are in English and the last but not the least do they want to impress someone?
If we do not get any satisfying answers to these questions then we let students know why should they learn it first. Because if they don’t have any purpose to learn it, we can’t make them speak or write immediately. So it is always better to give them a reasons and purpose first. Once they have a motive behind learning it then the ball will be in our court. And those who already have a purpose and motive, they are treated with zillions of methodologies to learn the basics first, and then move towards the next step.

English was initiated back in 5th century not originally in the same form as we have now. It met with some other local languages of that time and then got flourished and enhanced, that’s how the vocabulary increased too.
It is the international language and most of the countries in the world consider it as their official work Language as well,

For instance if we talk about India, mostly people can not speak English there but considering it as the need of time, Indian government has made it their official language.
We can’t take this language for granted. It is the growing tool that could lead us towards better opportunities. If one can not speak English then at least the person should understand it by listening So that communication barriers can be eliminated.

Astonishing fact:
English has become so ubiquitous that all pilots, regardless of their native language, must be able to communicate in English.

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